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Compelling copy at competitive rates from an award winning marketer

Words are powerful – The right words drive sales, enhance reputations and raise profiles the wrong words can destroy all this, so it pays to use words wisely.

Is this something you struggle with? If so you're not alone!

I can help you get it right by producing clear compelling copy that sells. My sales and marketing background means I understand the psychology of persuasion and what motivates people to buy, so rest assured I don't just produce smart print materials - I produce professional copy with impact to increase your sales, customer loyalty and market presence.

If your communications also require some fresh graphic design or web design then I have two trusted associates who can help with this, providing you with a full service from 'copy' to 'completion'.

I'm always happy to talk through ideas without any pressure so give me call or drop me a line.

What can The Small Business Copywriter do for you?

  • Attract, engage, inform, educate, and compel people into wanting to do business with you

  • Give you a unique authentic communications voice so your customers feel you relate to them

  • Give you a strong competitive edge by persuading new and existing customers to choose you

  • Enhance your company image and how others perceive you

  • Create copy on a competitive fixed fee basis that should pay for itself very quickly

If you need copy with impact, that provokes a response, that's clear and concise and written with your business and customers in mind, then I can deliver the words you're looking for.

Karen Moore

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