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Case studies and testimonials

Are you harnessing the power of case studies and testimonials?

Testimonials and case studies are a powerful way to prove the worth of your offering convincing potential clients to choose you. However many small businesses either fail to use them or fail to use them effectively.

Why are case studies and testimonials so effective?

Social proof- If you can show your prospective client that other people just like them are using you they will be more inclined to use you too.

Builds trust -Having an independent third party backing up your claims helps prospects justify their reasoning to choose you.

Enhances credibility- Proves you know your stuff, deliver quality and are reputable.

Package includes:

  • A quotes sheet
  • Case study creation
  • The sourcing and editing of 3 genuine testimonials
  • 5 ideas on how to further utilise case studies and testimonials


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